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Math 180: Partial Differential Equations

Math 198: Forum

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I've taught at Harvey Mudd College, St. Olaf College, and the University of Minnesota. Scroll down to see a full list of courses. For more, see my

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Flipped Classroom for an Online World

This fall I am teaching a fully flipped, online class. Students watch lecture videos before class time, then work on homework problems in small group (Zoom) breakout rooms. Other assignments include a midterm reflective essay, weekly “independent assessment” problems, and an optional final exam. The course webpage is hosted by co-instructor Prof. Andrew Bernoff, where you can find our syllabus, weekly learning objectives, and more.

Here I embedded select lecture videos I recorded for this Partial Differential Equations Class.

Describing our First PDE

d'Alembert's Solution

Teaching Experience


Math Forum (Public Speaking)

Instructor, Harvey Mudd College

Fall 2020
      • This is a public speaking course for math majors.

Partial Differential Equations

Co-Instructor, Harvey Mudd College

Fall 2020

Calculus II

Instructor, St. Olaf College

Fall 2018

Co-supervisor, University of Minnesota

Summer 2015


Course Supervisor, University of Minnesota

Fall 2017
      • This was an Intensive Precalculus course, including an accelerated unit from College Algebra

      • This course had only 31 students, unusual for a lecture at UMN

Teaching Assistant:

Intro to Proofs

Analysis, with Professor Mosher, University of Minnesota (UMN)

Fall 2015Spring 2014
      • This was a writing-intensive course.

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Honors, with Professor Webb, UMN

Spring 2019

Honors, with Dr. Lewis, UMN

Fall 2016

for Engineers, with Professor Zhu, UMN

Spring 2015
      • This course included computer labs with Matlab

Multivariable Calculus

Honors, with Dr. Lewis, UMN

Spring 2017

with Professor Gulliver, UMN

Spring 2016

for Engineers, with Professor Diaconu, UMN

Fall 2014
      • This course included computer labs with Mathematica

Calculus I

with Professor Marden, UMN

Fall 2013

This concept web was created by my students through a group activity.